About Us

Our founder Ross Katz grew up in the North suburbs of Chicago, in a family of self-starters and entrepreneurs. That trait came to define Ross. As a young child, he was always one to wake up early and get a move on the day. Which is where Ross earned the nickname Rooster.

Growing up with parents who met and were married while working in the restaurant industry. A strong love for food and hospitality was instilled in Ross from an early age.  

This love of food and the family’s strong entrepreneurial spirit cemented Ross’s desire to open a restaurant of his own. So, at the young age of 14 Ross began his journey in the hospitality business. He knew, that in order to be successful he would have to start from the bottom and work his way up.  Starting off by answering phones at a neighborhood pizza joint and working his way up through the ranks, Ross started managing at age 21 for the Ram Restaurants and Brewery.

After a few short years with the Ram, Ross was offered the General Manager position of the Ram Restaurant in downtown Indianapolis. From there, Ross began making is mark on Indy. Moving from the Ram to Sun King Brewery, and eventually culminating in a place of his own.

In 2016, Rooster’s Kitchen was born. The driving philosophy behind Rooster’s has always been, to offer local and responsibly sourced ingredients, in a welcoming setting, at obtainable prices.